Welcome to the Proctor School District, we are excited to enroll your child at Bay View Elementary!

Please complete the forms at the bottom of this page to enroll your student(s) and return them to:

Bay View Elementary, Heather Budisalovich - Admin. Assistant

8708 Vinland Street Duluth, MN 55810

or email: hbudisalovich@proctor.k12.mn.us

If enrollment questions or to schedule a tour of the builiding call Heather in the office at 218-628-4949

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year were due in the District office by January 15, 2024.

Kindergarten Registration takes place in March. The District will have a very good idea of the number of open spaces that may be available at the beginning of April. Parents will be notified if their child has been accepted for enrollment on or before April 15, 2024.

Open Enrollment any time between January 16, 2024, and June 1, 2024, child will be on a waitlist and contact will be made on June 15, 2024, if space is available.

In the case of students being placed on a waitlist, there is a lottery function that, by Minnesota State Statute, must be used. Here's how the lottery will be administered:

  • If a class is full, all requests will be placed on a waitlist and then drawn out of a hat to

    determine the order in which enrollment requests will be accepted when a space becomes


  • If a class has room, and the number of requested enrollees is less than the number of

    available spots, all will be accepted.

  • Once a class is filled, all subsequent enrollment requests will be placed in a lottery that will

    populate the waitlist.

  • If a class has room, but the number of requested enrollees is greater than the number of

    available spots, all will be placed into the lottery. The number equal to the open spots will

    be placed in the grade level, and all others will be placed on a waitlist.

If a parent requests Open Enrollment after August 11, 2024, the parent(s)/guardian will be informed that the requested enrollee will be on a waitlist until the second semester.